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How working with quality for over 250 years made us experts

Since 1764, we have developed and manufactured premium products of outstanding quality for the lifting industry, so we would like to call us experts within the quality-area, even though it might sound somewhat vaunting. To always keeping quality in focus, and do so for over 250 years, requires consistent effort and doesn’t come for free.


Let’s start with what made us have to take quality seriously; the environment and the conditions surrounding us: Our first factory, located in Gunnebo, Sweden, isn’t always warm and sunny. We have cold winters, storms and lots of shifting weather conditions. This meant, already back in 1764, that we needed products that could endure harsh conditions. Today, many of our clients are within offshore, fishing and oil and gas, not exactly the friendliest weather conditions there, either.

But the most important reason was, already then, to deliver products that would last and that we could be able to deliver on our promises. In this industry, an accident can be both extremely dangerous for the people involved, but also very costly.  

“The tough environments of these industries result in high demands on the equipment used and the safety and reliability of our products were essentially what made us quality-pioneers.”

Today, our products are developed, manufactured and tested beyond the highest standards, and we take a long-term responsibility. 

All critical processes are performed in-house, at our own production facilities. We have 100% control of the design, manufacturing and testing, and we can trace every component all the way back to the raw material.

We test every single component to 2 - 2.5 times its WLL (working load limit) depending on the relevant standard, which gives us peace of mind that the products will perform and do what they are supposed to do out in the field. 

Every component is being inspected 100%, and we do systematic quality control in every manufacturing stage, from raw material to the finished product. Our robust quality process guarantees a high level of safety and a long lifetime of our products. 

We are also proud to have a structured certification- and training program for all our employees working in our factories, to ensure the highest quality in every aspect of the production.

We have more to tell about our quality process and how we can assure our customers peace of mind. If you want to know more, please contact your nearest sales representative. http://www.gunneboindustries.com/contact-us/ 

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