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Rotating Lifting Point ERLP

New Product from Gunnebo Industries – Eye Rotating Lifting Point (ERLP).

Gunnebo Industries has created an addition to our lifting point family, which was released at the beginning of the year.

The ERLP has a slimmer design making it suitable for use in situations where there is limited space. It also has a smooth-profile design to help prevent snagging on surrounding surfaces. The bow of the ERLP has the same low position as the RLP, which greatly reduces the stress on the bolt as well as the impact on the surface that the lifting point is screwed in to. This gives the user a strong and reliable lifting point that is gentle to the loads being transported.

The Rotating Lifting Point- RLP range - has been a popular and successful product. However users found that, in certain situations, the RLP was too wide for more confined spaces and this prevented it from rotating as intended. This is the reason for creating the ERLP.

The ERLP is an appreciated addition to the Gunnebo Industries lifting point family and it is a major step forward in increasing our lifting point range.


Download Press Release: Rotating Lifting Point ERLP
Download Photo: Lifting Point ERLP     Lifting Point ERLP 


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