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Gunnebo Industries - 250 year-old

A vibrant 250-year-old

From hammer-smithy to global leader.
This year Gunnebo Industries celebrates its 250th year as a company. What started out as a small hammer-smithy in the town Gunnebo in Sweden, is today an international organization active all over the world.

In 1764 a mr Hans Hultman got approval from the Swedish king to set up a forge to manufacture nails and bolts for ship-making and that’s where the story of Gunnebo Industries begins. The business became successful and soon expanded to include iron smelting with charcoal and a wrought iron factory. Today Gunnebo Industries chain factory is still located only steps away from where it all started.

Over the years Gunnebo Industries have lead the development in the industry in a number of ways. For an example they were one of the first in the world, in 1906, to use electric welding for chain manufacturing, which made the chain stronger and more reliable and soon became the standard procedure world-wide.

Product- and manufacturing development has always been a corner stone in the company’s foundation and it’s a re-occurring theme in the company’s line of history. An example is the coupling link G – an invention by Gunnebo Industries that revolutionized the lifting industry where welded slings had been the only option. This opened up possibilities in the industry that had not existed before.

Other inventions by Gunnebo Industries are: the self-locking hook (BK), the electrically insulated roller-bearing swivel, the Universal Welding hook and - of course – the unique GrabiQ system. GrabiQ is a grade 10, all-inclusive system, with integrated shortening functions designed to make rigging and lifting safer, more efficient and user-friendly. Again Gunnebo Industries changed the conditions for lifting to something new and better that the world had not seen before.

Today Gunnebo Industries is truly global, having their head office in Sweden, manufacturing units in Sweden, Norway and USA; sales companies in ten countries spread out on all continents. More than that, through their extensive distributor network covering more than 50 countries, Gunnebo Industries’ products are readily available all over the world.

Gunnebo Industries stands steady on their 250 year old foundation, made of business- and product development, experience and innovations. The gaze is however set for the future and they are confident that they are well equipped for the road ahead. Fredrik Wiking, CEO and President at Gunnebo Industries, states: “We have during the last couple years made significant investments to be able to meet the future demands of the lifting and rigging industry. We have a new factory in place that will stream-line our production process and decrease the amount of transportations, which will result in shorter lead times and better availability. We have been around for 250 years and we feel well equipped for the coming 250”.

Gunnebo Industries is a global leading manufacturer of products such as crane blocks, wire rope sheaves, chain & lifting components, shackles and lashing products, which are exclusively produced in Sweden, Norway and USA. The company has subsidiaries in 10 countries covering every continent, as well as distributing partners in more than 50 countries, making Gunnebo Industries a truly international company.

Contact: Mattias Löfqvist,VP Sales and Marketing
-mail: mattias.lofqvist@gunneboindustries.com

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