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Equipping a floating giant – innovative solution for the future

Asian Hercules III is one of the world’s largest heavy-lifting sheerleg vessels, with the capacity to lift 5000 t, and a lifting height of 120 meters. This floating giant is designed for heavy lifting operations offshore, demanding nothing but the highest quality in every component to endure the tough environments at sea.

With more than 250-years of technical know-how, Gunnebo Industries won the prestigious task to design and manufacture a lifting solution for the Asian Hercules III back in 2011. Designing for such a gigantic vessel required cutting-edge technologies and custom design expertise throughout the project.

The complete solution included a 5000 t modular block system with spreader beams, luffing blocks, and sheaves, and took just over two years to complete. This flexible lifting solution has interchangeable parts for different lifting configurations, as well as fewer and lighter components than conventional solutions, which enables increased sheerleg lifting capacity.

Technical know-how and outstanding quality paramount

At Gunnebo Industries we are proud to always have been in the frontline to equip customers around the world with new innovations. Our strong focus on quality and the fact that we design solutions with the highest level of tolerance made our lifting solution a perfect fit for Asian Hercules III. Today, this floating giant is traveling the world supporting large lifts in the toughest environments.  

Read more about our blocks here 


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