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Engineered to Excellence - a new range of Master Links

Engineered to Excellence - a new range of Master Links

Adverse weather and rough sea conditions, combined with extremely low temperatures must be a key consideration towards the design and safety factors of offshore container lifting sets. Gunnebo Industries is now presenting a new range of Master Links, with a range spanning up to 125T. This range incorporates a popular 24T assembly, which is regularly used for lifting 14-21T containers. The new generation also features larger sublinks to facilitate the use of heavy duty thimbles.

Reduced Risk of Stress Corrosion 
Our Master Links have been engineered to be resistant towards stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. The risk for stress corrosion increases considerably when the hardness of the finished product is above 39 HRC and the hardness of Arctic Master Links is therefore below 38 HRC. Another important feature is that every single link is proof loaded to 2.5 times the Working Load Limit, but also stress relieved afterwards to avoid any residual tension in the links as residual tension also increases the risk of stress corrosion failures. Each batch is impact tested to verify the ductility of the links.

Engineered to -40°C 
Our new Master Links have been engineered to operate in 
the harshest of conditions, as can be found in the North Sea,
where temperatures can drop to as low as -40°C.  




Further details 
Click on the link below to take you to our Arctic Offshore Leaflet. 
This will give you further details of our Master Link range and 
an insight into our solutions for the arctic offshore industry.  

Arctic Offshore Leaflet 



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