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GrabiQ lifting solution gets Road 55 back on track

GrabiQ lifting solution gets Road 55 back on track

The innovative GrabiQ lifting solutions helped secure a safe passage for 80 years to come over the river Eldsån in Strängnäs, Sweden, which runs through two 10 tonnes culverts underneath road 55.

Safety and precision were top priorities when lifting the 10 tonnes culvert. With a length of 22 m, a width of 3,8 m, and a height of 3 m the culvert was a challenging lift where the quality requirements of the lifting products where very high. We met Rolf Eriksson, Mobile crane driver at Aros Mobilkranar, onsite to talk about why he prefers Gunnebo Industries´ products when executing a demanding lift.  “Gunnebo Industries provide reliable high quality products which increases the safety.”

With the GrabiQ product range Rolf could easily adjust the chain slings, and also use the same chain sling for the various lifts during this operation. The culvert had to be lifted off the trailer, then rotated on the ground and lowered down 10 meters where it finally was connected with the other culvert already in place. This operation required a variety of different lifting solutions, where one chain sling system with GrabiQ products met all needs. “The GrabiQ products are very easy to work with; you can easily connect and adjust the chain slings. It is also a very flexible system, which works in most lifting operations.”

Thanks to the flexibility of the GrabiQ lifting system and its high quality products this operation could be done in a safe and efficient way, making it safe to drive over the Eldsån River again, and for the next 80 years to come.

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