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Gunnebo Lifting FlexiLeg

Gunnebo Lifting FlexiLeg

Our strong and unique multifunctional system has increased its flexibility to a higher level.

FlexiLeg is a flexible chain sling solutions with instant leg interchange, where one single master link and a combination of five legs replaces four slings, which is equal to ten legs with the traditional system (a 50% reduction!). By using the unique features of the GrabiQ range, we has increased the flexibility of lifting with chain slings even further.

FlexiLeg will give you the following benefits:

  • Increased flexibility and time saving.
    Required number of chain legs is always available. The shortening function is always there, at the top or wherever needed on the chain (by using the MidGrab Shortener.

  • Less equipment needed.
    FlexiLeg and the MidGrab Shortener minimize the equipment needed, reduring weight and saves cost.
  • Improved safety.
    - There is no more uncertainty of how much to safely lift when using 1-4   
      chain legs; all working loads are given on the sling tag.
    - A chain leg not in use can sweing and hit the rigger. FlexiLeg takes away
      this risk.
    - Built-in shortening function makes it possible to always lift with the load
      in balance. 
  • Cost savings.
    FlexiLeg minimizes the equipment needed, saves time when lifting by its versatility and less wear points reduces inspection time, all of which will save you costs!


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