We have developed products to meet the stringent requirements of the energy industry for many years. The working conditions are tough and products have to be able to sustain extreme conditions. 

Regardless if it is wind, oil, coal or nuclear energy we will supply a product range that will be designed towards their special characteristics and demands.

We offer a range of products specifically made for use in the Offshore Business. The majority of these products follow the requirements of DNV Standard for container lifting and lifting applications (DNV 2.7-1 and DNV Lifting appliances). These standards are common within the offshore industry and specify the product performance and how the products should be tested.
Gunnebo Industries - Strength since 1764.

DNV certificate
We are approved by DNV to make type approved (MSA) 2.7-1 quality (Offshore quality in cold environments) master links. The approval verifies that Gunnebo Industries has a high consistent level of production stability in the entire process, from raw material to the finished product.



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