Spare Part RDDLP - Metric

Spare Part RDDLP - Metric

Standard length bolt and long bolt for DLP are available as spare parts.

Detailed information

CAD Part no Code
Standard length bolt incl. locking ring
Z1022081 RDDLP-M8x1.25
Z1022101 RDDLP-M10x1.5
Z1022121 RDDLP-M12x1.75
Z1022161 RDDLP-M16x2
Z1022201 RDDLP-M20x2.5
Z1022241 RDDLP-M24x3
Z1022301 RDDLP-M30x3.5
Z1022361 RDDLP-M36x4
Z1022421 RDDLP-M42x4.5
Z1022481 RDDLP-M48x5
Long bolt incl. nut, locking ring and washer
Z10220801L RDDLP M8x1.25 LB
Z10221001L RDDLP M10x1.5 LB
Z10221201L RDDLP M12x1.75 LB
Z10221601L RDDLP M16x2 LB
Z10222001L RDDLP M20x2.5 LB
Z10222401L RDDLP M24x3 LB
Z10223001L RDDLP M30x3.5 LB
Z10223601L RDDLP M36x4 LB
Z10224201L RDDLP M42x4.5 LB
Z10224801L RDDLP M48x5 LB
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